Urgent care clinics are the hype right now in New Jersey and the USA

Getting an appointment for your primary care physician can prove to be a nightmare, especially if it’s flu season or any other type of epidemic outbreak. You may have to wait for days, if not weeks, for a spot to free up That is the case for many areas in the United States. It would appear that many municipalities could use more primary care doctors on the job. It’s of course one of the reasons why so many medical doctors are migrating from other countries to fill in that gap between supply and demand.

But if your health issue has the potential to become more serious if left unattended, you can’t wait for days on end. Going to the Emergency Room closest to your home may look like an alternative, but that should be used only for life threatening conditions. Most likely, you will waist many hours in the waiting rooms and it may end up costing you more money, too.

This situation is even worse if you are dealing with an unwell baby, who can’t exactly tell you what’s wrong with him/her. As parents, we do tend to panic when it comes to kid’s health.

There is a solution in between these two. Instead of the hustle of the other two options, I would rather go to an urgent care near me. What is an urgent care facility? It’s a privately owned health center that usually doesn’t even require an appointment. This is why they are also called walk in clinics. Because you can just walk in and have an available physician look at you. It’s very convenient and usually doesn’t cost all that much.

In New Jersey, urgent care centers are growing in numbers. There’s an estimated more than 400 such facilities in this small state. There’s likely one close to where you live, too. The easy way is to find the closest one to your location, but if you are looking for quality treatment, there may be other criteria to take into account, too.

So this is the part where we recommend an urgent care clinic if you’re from New Jersey. In Secaucus, right where the highway crosses the river towards west Meadowlands and Rutherford, there is a center called Agile Urgent Care. It’s full service and includes: pediatric urgent care, adult urgent care, dot physicals and other speciality physicals, travel medicine and even telemedicine (with an appointment online).